Chaos Theory is a media-rich, hard-hitting presentation that zeroes in on many of the destructive decisions confronting youth today. Our thought provoking, relevant, edgy, and fast-moving MTV style format grabs and keeps the attention of audiences while delving into the issues of bullying, violence as a solution, teenage sexual issues, suicide and self harm, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other high risk behaviors. Dedicated to protecting our young people, Clint educates youth and adults alike not by telling people what to think but rather by causing them to think.

Our up-front, in- your-face seminar features eye-opening video clips, gaming clips, inspiring pictures, and live stories that reveal the catastrophic results of destructive decisions as well as release the life giving hope that making wise decisions bring. Hear testimonies from teen shooters, probe the emotional scars of suicide attempts and unwanted teen pregnancies. Encounter the permanent effects of pornographic addictions and prolonged drug use. Don’t miss the opportuity to book our life-altering seminar and impact the lives of countless youth.

When every decision counts—choose CHAOS THEORY! To book your assembly, seminar, retreat or youth event, click the Booking Button below. We look forward to partnering with you!