1. On January 14, 2003, two half brothers strangled and dismembered
their mother. They dumped her body in a revine. Her head and hands
were found in the family’s apartment. One of the claimed that htey
got the idea from aN HBO TV show.
Associated Press, January 2003
2. Two teens armed with a .22 caliber rifle went to I 40 in TN and
started shooting. They claimed to be bored and decided to act out
their favorite video game. Their so-called act of boredom ended in
the death of one and the injuring of many.
Local and National New Release
3, When studying factors relating to violence, including poverty,
racial discrimination, substance abuse, inadequate schools,
joblessness and family dissolution, they found that exposure to
violent media was a factor in half of the 10,000 homicides committed
each year.
American Medical Association
4, “I never thought in Junior High that I would die in prison.
Beccause of a crime I committed when I was 17, I live in a six by nine
foot cell. I’m locked up 23 hours a day. I will never get out and I
will die a lonely death here”
TN School Shooter Jamie Rouse

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