With over 17 years of experience working with troubled teens, Clint Thomas is committed to impacting this generation.  Clint has spent his entire adult life educating, counseling and shaping the hearts and minds of those who are at risk of destruction due to making bad decisions.  While doing this, he also carries a unique ability to empower and encourage those who are currently making wise choices. Clint holds a tangible likability and realness that allows him to speak directly into the minds of today’s youth.  For the last several years, he has spent his time on the road with survivors of school shootings, former prostitutes, victims of violent crimes, as well as former drug dealers — all this in order to speak successfully to teens about making winning choices.  Bearing his share of scars due to his own undoing, Clint has learned from his teenage mistakes and now delivers a multimedia, relevant, language of the culture in your face presentation that speaks the language of this culture loud and clear. You do not want to miss what is in the heart, soul and mind of Clint Thomas.